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Animation Showreel

2D Flash, hand-drawn and stop-motion animation on commercial and independent projects realised for short film, web and TV broadcast.

Still from clip that Kim animated on, from Happify's Why Mindlfulness is a Superpower, directed, illustrated and lead animation by Katy Ross of Superdoodle.


Commercial clients: Animating with the team at Aardman Animations for clients Vodafone ChildlineBenadryl, NSPCC, Alzheimer's Research, the Soil Association and Project Everyone.  Animating with the team at Nomint for clients Google, Whiskas and Brandman University. Animating with Superdoodle Ltd for clients, Mauricio Cattalan and PARC.  Animating with the team at 12foot6 for clients including the BBC (Science Brain, Physics, Music, Extinction & Inheritance), Virgin Media, Virgin Central, Paramount Comedy, Ford, R&F furniture, Ann Summers, Swedish Tourist Board, Cobra Beer, Bookstart, Borders Sky Arts 2 and 118 118. Animating with Tundra* for clients Liberty and Norweigan Softball League.  Direction and animation for clients Random House and Run Man Management.

Independent projects: Animation on Bastard Bunny (2008 & 2013) produced by 12foot6 & Dave Anderson from Dog and Rabbit, Ain't got Nobody (2008), produced by 12foot6 & directed by Åsa Lucander, Get Well Soon: Sorry you got needled (2011), produced by 12foot6 & directed by Åsa Lucander.


Short films: Direction and animation of Hungry for Love (2007), Slow Train (2008), Get Well Soon: Sorry you cracked open your chicken head (2010), Papertivity (2008) & Sing-a-long Christmas (2012), Vintage Chlidren's Classics (2012).

Kim Alexander's role on each clip shown in the showreel above, by number, plus credits of producers and colleagues:  Intro - Illustration, flash animation and compositing on adapted online promo video for live art event "[metamorphosis]" (2013). 1 & 28: Flash animation on "Ain't Got Nobody" (2008). Produced by 12foot6. Illustrated and directed by Åsa Lucander. 2, 6, 15, 22 & 24: Flash and stop-motion animation on BBC Science series of animations for TV broadcast (2012): "Brain", "Einstein", "Inheritance" "Music", "Space and "Extinction". Produced and directed by 12foot6. Illustration and animation direction Åsa Lucander. 3 & 23 Flash animation, layouts and key-framing on Alzheimer Forgot's Christmas campaign "Santa Forgot", (2016)  illustrated and directed by Åsa Lucander, produced by Aardman Animations.  On clip 3 Santa's sleigh and reindeer were animated by the CGI department and Santa's key-frmaes in the sleigh were laid out by Andy Fossey.  4 & 9.  Flash animation on "Virgin Media Easter Bunny" interactive online viral campaign (2012). Produced and directed by 12foot6, illustration Åsa Lucander.  5, 8 & 27. Flash animation on Benadryl spots: "Holding Out for a Hero",  "Only Human" & "Allergy Cat." (2015 & 2016) Direction and illustration by Åsa Lucander, produced by Aardman Animations.  7. Flash animation on Vodafone-Childline campaign Headbombz: Talking Makes Us Stronger, Illustrated and directed by Åsa Lucander, produced by Aardman Animations. 10, 18 & 20. Hand-drawn animation and digital colouring on Happify films 3, 4 & 5 "Why Mindfulness is a Superpower",  "How Mindfulness Empowers Us" (2015) and "How to Defeat Negative thinking" (2017). Illustrated, directed and produced by Katy Davis of Superdoodle Ltd  11. Stop motion of fox puppet on "Get Well Soon: Needled" (2011), produced by 12foot6, direction, illustration and puppet design Åsa Lucander. 12. Design, animation direction and stop-motion animation on "Sing-along Christmas" e-card for 12foot6. (2012). Produced and directed by 12foot6. 13. Stop-motion animation on "Borders Sky Arts 2" TV idents (2009). Produced and directed by 12foot6, designed by Julia Bartl. 14. Hand drawn animation on animated clips for documentary "Mauricio Cattalan Be Right Back" (2016) , illustrated directed and composited by Katy Davis, produced by Superdoodle. 16. Flash animation on "From Potato to Planet" Soil Association video (2015), illustrated and directed by Lucy Izzard, produced by Aardman Animations. 17 & 26. Flash animation on Whiskas campaign, scripts 2 & 8: "Why do cats purr?" & "How can I tell if my cat is getting old?".  Illustrated by Camille Ferrari, produced by Nomint (2017).  19. Flash animation on NSPCC "Core Story 2" (2017) illustrated by Lucy Izzard, directed by Magda Osinska and produced by Aardman Animations.  21. Flash animation of couple in bed on "R&F furniture" TV spots (2010). Produced and directed by 12foot6, illustration Åsa Lucander, animation of dog Anna Fyda. 25. Flash animation and pixealation of actor Rekek Michael's hand on "Tsion's Story" for Project Everyones campaign #What Food Means (2017), illustrated and directed by Åsa Lucander, produced by Aardman Animations. 

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