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Audio Visuales Educativos - AVE

November - December 2013

Facilitation of stop-motion animation workshops for the staff team working at AVE, a local NGO that specialises in using audio visual projects in their interventions with street working children and teenagers in Cochabamba. Realised as Artist in Residence at Sustainable Bolivia, Cochabamba, Bolivia.


AVE's educators planned on using the animation that they created, El Cantave, "The Songbird", as a tool to introduce potential new children to the values and aims of the community of AVE:

  • inclusion

  • family 

  • respect

  • protection

  • solidarity

  • equality 

  • rights 

  • hope


The 5-week process involved inicial meetings to clarify how the educators wanted to use the workshop space, indivual then group storyboarding, puppet making and stop-motion shooting and a final celebration screening and Christmas dinner. 


Thank you to friend and AVE-graduate Raymundo Ramos for introducing me to director Cristobal and to the whole team for such a warm welcome and creative investment in the project.

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