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Centre of Comprehensive Prison and Community Support


October - December 2013

Facilitation of stop-motion animation workshops for children aged 8 to 14, receiving the after-­school services of CAICC because they live with their parents in jail or their parents have emigrated abroad due to their economic circumstances. CAICC's main objective is to offer the children a supportive space and community where they can be supported with homework, play and share meals.  Realised as Artist-in-Residence at Sustainable Bolivia in collaboration with Florrie Cassel and assisted by Emma Ramano in Cochabamba, Bolivia.


This 8-week project, named by the children as The CAICC Family aimed to facilitate the children's reflection on what the NGO CAICC means for them through the exploration of new creative techniques in collaborative group activities.  The process included character design, storyboarding, puppet making and stop-motion animation puppet manipulation and filming.  The children were also interviewed on film about their experiences and opinions on the project.


Jonathan McCarthy spliced this same documentary footage with an interview with CAICC director Verónica Bustillas Portugal to create and edit used as a fundraising call out for the NGO


The finale to the project was two celebrations of their work

  • A screening of the children's animation for their parents and siblings in the San Pablo Prison in Cillacollyo on December 19th, as part of a Christmas celebration led by comedic clowns. 

  • A screening at the CAICC nursery on 20th December where booklets documenting the project through photos were given out to each child as part of the CAICC Christmas party. 


Many thanks to all the children, teens and staff of CAICC who welcomed us so warmly into  their community and participated with such energy!

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