Promoción Integral de La Mujer y La Infancia - INFANTE

October - December 2013

Facilitation of mixed-media art workshops for teeange girls aged 13-18 living in or attending INFANTE, a centre whose acronym stands for Comprehensive Promotion of Women and Children.  Realised as Artist in Residence at Sustainable Bolivia, in collaboration with Emma Ramano in Cochabamba, Bolivia.


The project started with the girls exploring how to express their individual tastes and interests through painting and collage on canvas.  Later they reflected on what the community of INFANTE means for them through questionaires and chose words expressing the values that are important to them witin thier community and painted these on their arms with body paints for a photo session. 


A significant aspect to the project was that in knowing that the canvases were to be displayed around the walls of the INFANTE cafe, each design incorporated the colour and texture of the designs from both neighbouring canvases.  This both created the effect of the  8 canvases fitting together as a puzzle symbolising the identity of each individual girl as an active and included member of her community and promoting collaboration and trust between the girls.  The girls chose to call the project La Alegría de una Comunidad Unida, which translates as The Joy of a United Community.  


The grand-finale of the project was the unveiling of the finished canvases in the INFANTE cafe just before Christmas with a celebration of cake and juice shared with the girls, INFANTE staff and their friends and family.  


A huge thanks to the girls and staff of INFANTE and congratulations on creating such a beautiful collaboartive piece for your community. 

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