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Kids Company 

January - December 2012

Facilitation of stop-motion animation workshops for young adults aged 16-24 attending the Kid's Company's Urban Academy in London, UK. Realised as a volunteer on placement for the Kid's Company PDC in Therapeutic Communication Skills for Work with Chlidren with the London Metropolitan University. 


Activities included character design, story-boarding, puppet and set-making and stop-motion animation sessions, with the aim to give the young adults a space to create both free spontaneous self-expression and to work on developing projects that could give voice to their own personal story.   The young people also set up and posted regularly to their own blog (since Kids Company closure in 2015 this blog has been taken down). 


Two major projects realised in 2012:

  • Flags of Value: a stop-motion animation exloring the theme of supportive friendship by bringing to life shirts the young people had created during fashion workshops.  Screened at Childhood The Real Event exhibition at the Royal Academy in July 2012.  See the animation here.

  • A Place to Call Home: refelection on what Kids Company means for the young people, stop-motion animation using 3D puppets and intricate sets constructed by the participants. 


Huge thanks to all the Kids Company students for your collaboration and dedication to our aniamtion group. 



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