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"I may be quiet but there's a lot in my heart"

Visited the William Morris museum with Lynsey, up in Walthamstow, interested to look at the English socialist artist's use of colour and pattern.

Above - detail from a stained glass and below, Morris' first wallpaper design. This was as research for my drawing and collages where I'm currently experimenting with ways of "weaving" colour and textures together through images that come to represent the different cultures that I've lived in/ been influenced by - a form of exploring identity really - so I'm wondering about weaving some of Morris' pattern into my artwork to represent the London influence. (His work is especially as I've been cycling around sitting on two of his patterns for the last 5 years or so, ever since Emma Gordon recovered the saddles on my two bikes Peggy and Edith with his textiles as part of her upcycling company.)

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