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La mujercita and el hombresito in Scotland

Revisiting or coming-home-again to Gullane beach with the pair drawings, this time with my Mum and four of my aunties on Mother's Day, which turned out to have some pretty powerful symbolic lessons for me!

After having the driving urge to photograph the Hombresito in significant places for me both in Guayaquil before leaving Ecuador and then in London, the midlands and Gullane 3 months into settling back in the UK, I then found I had the desire to create his partner drawing - the Mujercita. I suppose they could be seen as a version of ying and yang - the male and female in me.

Creating la mujercita was a much more deliberate action than the slowly devleoping hombresito drawing that took months to unfurl on my wall in El Paraíso. Made in three bursts, I began her just after moving into Warmington Road, but then had a looong pause until a series of short sessions after new year, then a very deliberate week of concentrating the majority of my time on finishing her off in time to go to Scotland on this trip.

These photos in Scotland were not so succesful as the lone hombresito ones and I am left wondering where they will take me next. Part of me has the urge to visit the snow in Norway (and my friend David) with them, and also having me the team from Alternative London's street art tours I am wondering might they finally come to rest in an actual mural installation somewhere?

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