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Celtic Sailor's Knot

Celtic Sailor's Knot

The two intertwined ropes symbolise harmony, friendship, affection and deep love.

The union of 2 in 1 represents the blending of two lives in one, with a common purpose.

It is a resilient knot, the representation of a bond that grows stronger with time and under pressure.

A present for my brother Daniel's wedding to Amanda.

Symbols woven into the threads of the patterning of the Celtic Knot are the blue cross of the St. Andrew's flag, camera case (my brother being a photographer and Scottish-born), the red circle of the Japanese flag and pots (Amanda being Japanese - English and a ceramicist) and orange firemen hats (for one of their son Toby's favourite things!)

(The morning of Daniel and Amanda's wedding ceremony was also the moment the UK woke up to the Brexit result of our referendum, which was a huge shock. But, as Daniel said in his speech at least we were doing something much more positive with our day.)

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