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Landscape from a Dream

"This painting marks the culmination of Nash's personal response to Surrealism, of which he had been aware since the late 1920's. As the title suggests, it echoes the surrealist's fascination with Freud's theories of the power of dreams to reveal the unconscious. Nash explained that various elements were symbolic: the self-regarding hawk belongs to the material world, while the spheres reflected in the mirror refer to the soul. Nash sets this scene on the coast of Dorset, unearthing the uncanny within the English landscape."

Description from the Tate of the painting depicted in the postcard seen in this photo, which caught my attention in the Tate Modern gift shop after going to see the Georgia O'Keefe exhibition there. It interests me that I was drawn to this image at the time when I am thinking a lot again about studying Art Therapy, seeing as that involves a lot of image making from the subconscious.

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