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Andean Weavings

"To weave in the Andes is not only to weave. It is to sustain a dialogue with the Origin. It is a very efficient system of communication between the beginning of life and this present moment. To weave is to trap information from the Cosmos, recognising oneself in the Divine and to manifest it with apparent simplicity in a complex Andean mantle. Thus, simply weaving, it is understood that every planet in the universe is a living body, working in relation to other bodies within one single lattice, and that each start is one single point, indispensable, in this great weaving."

A video whose interpretation of the meaning of Andean weavings interests me because of the influence that such weavings have had on my own personal artwork. My overall understanding of the video is that it conceptualises weavings as a representation of and process of understanding about the interconnectedness of all living bodies within the universe - the oneness of life.

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