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Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Not everyone will be taken into the future

"The theme of flight appears throughout the Kabakov's work. From the solitary flies in Ilya's early paintings, it has been associated with the possibility of escape - whether from the oppression of the Soviet Union, or more generally from the harsh realities of life. / Spanning twenty years, the works in [room 10] focus on the figure of the angel, an enduring symbol that has appeared throughout the history of art. For the Kabakovs, the angel is a stateless being that is free from earthly and bureaucratic constraints."

Exhibition of paintings and installations from the couple Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. I especially loved these installations of angels, the tone of the wood, the shadows they cast and their peaceful atmosphere.

Other works in the show that I found exciting were these giant paintings, with telescopes set up in front of them, angled to show tiny tiny figures set into the abstract landscapes:

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