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"No-one is on the margins; anywhere can be home; and everyone might be a star."

I love the mixture of colour & texture and the sheer style of the characters in these photos from British - Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj's La Caravane exhibition catalogue from Somerset House.

Writer Ekow Eshun describes Hajjaj as having "the perspective of a natural cosmopolitan. His gaze turns more readily to figures that are able to navigate global flows of commerce, culture and information with apparent ease - whether based in Paris, London or Jemaa el Fna. Hajjaj is fascinated by how such individuals seem to hold the whole world within them. And how their very presence in a new city or country is enough to begin to shift the character of that place. Hall has dubbed that process of change, when immigrant culture comes to determine the texture of dominant society as 'globalisation from below' [Stuart Hall, Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies, Routledge '96]. In that phrase we might see the raison d'être for Hajjaj's work. His art is less to do with Middle East meets West, as much as a desire to reimagine the world on his own terms as a place in which no-one is on the margins; anywhere can be home; and everyone might be a star."

Two portraits from the Kesh Angels series: women from women-only biker gangs.

Two portraits from My Rock Stars Experimental Vol. 2

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