Drawing Ourselves Together: Snapshots from Lockdown

A participatory art project that aims to bridge the physical separation of lockdown across the globe by sharing our experiences and hopes via written and visual responses to the 3 prompts on this postcard. 

As an artist who loves community based participatory art projects, I set up Drawing Ourselves Together: Snapshots from Lockdown because I am curious in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic about what our shared experiences of the situation might be across the globe, and also what some of the differences are. I also hope that the project will foster a sense of connection and shared humanity across the physical separation of lockdown, and provide a small but intimate insight into each participant's individual story, hence the project name "Drawing Ourselves Together: Snapshots from Lockdown". 


Getting the blank postcard: 

  • Option 1: Download by right clicking the image on the left (more languages to come), select "save image as" and choose a location to save the postcard onto your device, using name "SnapshotsFromLockdown_[YourName_YourAge_ YourLocation]" Print, fill in, photograph and return (see below). 

  • Option 2:  Send an email request for a blank postcard to kim@drawingourselvestogether.com, indicating your preferred language of choice, using subject line "Snapshots from Lockdown Postcard Request [preferred language]."  Print, fill in, photograph and return. 

  • Option 3: Request a printed postcard to be posted to you at home by emailing kim@drawingourselvestogether.comFill in, photograph both sides and return. 

  • Option 4: Hand-write the 3 prompts onto an A5 piece of card or paper, followed by your response below each prompt. Then turn your card over to create your image.  Photograph and return (see below).

Instructions for filling in the postcard: 

  • Step 1: Write your responses to the 3 prompts.

  • Step 2: Create an A5 image to accompany your written response on the front of the postcard. This may be one image illustrating one of your responses, or all 3 responses combined in one image.  Or your image may express a general impression of your experience. Feel free to work with whichever materials and processes you find most comfortable (e.g. drawing/ painting/ collage/ photography etc), but please do stick to the A5 aspect ratio. 

  • Step 3 (optional): Fill in your personal information: first name, age, occupation and location (to protect your privacy, please include only your town/city and country) This info is voluntary and is only being asked for out of curiosity. Please feel free to leave blank.  

  • Step 4: Photograph both sides of your postcard and return to Kim either online or physically (see below).

Returning your postcard: 

  • Option 1: Upload both photographs (your written responses and your image) directly to Instagram  as one post, using 2 hashtags: #drawingourselvestogether #snapshotsfromlockdown

  • Option 2: Email both photographs to kim@drawingourselvestogether.com, with subject line "Snapshots from Lockdown Postcard Submission". These will then be uploaded to Instagram for you. 

  • Option 3: To post physically, for inclusion in a future exhibition after lockdown lifts, please email kim@drawingourselvestogether.com to request the postal address.

Languages and translation


I would love to translate this postcard into as many languages as possible and to share it around the globe to as many people in as many countries as possible, to receive a truly diverse range of responses. 

  • Languages Currently Available:  English

  • Coming soon: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Arabic.


If you or someone you know can help by providing translation into other languages, please do email me on: kim@drawingourselvestogether.com

Many thanks.

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