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Looking back to... "Your Look..."

"Open your eyes"

Looking back over the last 3 years work facilitating art workshops I came across these images from Meninadança, the NGO I spent 6 intensive weeks with back in May and June 2013. The images were created for the project "Seu olhar pode transformar nossas vidas" (roughly translates to "Your Look Can Transform Our Lives"), a project challenging the girls' community to see them through new eyes and not to turn a blind eye to the abuses happening in the town.

The first image, above, was used as an invite to the unveiling of a collaborative mural realised with local artist Guina and presented to the girls' community with performances of dance, theatre and poetry.

"Speak for me"

"Open your heart"

The beautiful images were shot by photographer and fellow volunteer Rachel Alvarez. Modelled by local teen and good friend Nanny.

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