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Happy Leap Year!

​Some playfulness photographing this latest collage against a spring blossom backdrop in Brockwell Park with Lucy - also happens to be that rare date 29th February.

I started off thinking this was going to be a collage based on my 3 months on the art residency with Sustainable Bolivia in 2013 (beause of the ribbons used for our collaborative [Metamorfosis] live art events) BUT as the collage progressed the time period it represents expanded: spanning from the sand representing my childhood by Gullane beach, through my old turquiose jacket that has served me since I was bout 19 right through to the end of my time in Ecuador this summer just gone, and right up to today, with the African textiles picked up in Brixton market marking my return to the UK. So the piece could be seen to be a snapshot of who I am today, with all the different places I've lived and grown in patch-worked together into one whole - and as a mandala that is as symmetrical-as-possible-by-hand, a balanced and peacful whole I hope! ;-)

Thanks Lucy for your help and modelling! x

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