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Trinity knot sketch

A super rough sketch of my current thinking on how to acheieve a weaving of pattern, colour and symbol in my drawing to represent the intersection of countries/ cultures running through me - here using the Celtic trinity knot and the cymbol shape, with colourful patterns referencing South American weavings.

After listening to Lily's tips on the Alternative London walking tour of East End street art am feeling massively inspired to experiment with scaling these drawings up LARGE as murals (need to look for spaces and persmission, so first step will be to do some detailed, well polished accurately proportioned examples to take around as a portfolio). Also can see the potential to experiment with stencils to acheive clean graphic outline and quick patterning over large surface area.

p.s. love these ricidulously tacky unicorn earphones that I got on the cheap to replace my broken ones - perhaps they feel relevant here cause of the magic & excitment of feeling so motivated at the moment and dreaming up lots of new ideas and directions for creative work??? Plus the colours fit! ;-)

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