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A taste of Ecuador in London

A happy and peaceful moment on our balcony at home in Herne Hill, enjoying a delicious encebollado (fish soup) from the Ecuadorian restaurant el Costanito on Brixton Road. Reflecting back on my time in Ecuador and enjoying the vintage book that was a birthday present from Emily Rose, my co-worker with Articulate-JUCONI.

I especially liked this unexpected nugget of information about the "Colorado" Indigenous people who lived 80 miles from Quito and got their name from the red vegetable wax that the men used to cover their bodies. I hadn't heard of this tribe while I was in Ecuador but it seems a curious link that an affectionate nickname my friends had for me there was "la Colorada" (because of my red skin in the heat and humidity of Guayaquil) and that I also enjoy experimenting with body paint.

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